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In the literary podcast ‘De Kloof’ (the gap) 8 authors were asked to write a monologue with ‘the gap’ as theme. Directors Niki Padidar & Hanneke Hendrix were asked to turn these monologues into dramatized audio stories. De Kloof is a cooperation between the Dutch foundation for literature and public broadcasters VPRO, ntr & AvroTro

Acteur: Derek de Lint, Regie: Niki Padidar               Acteur: Jacob Derwig, Regie: Niki Padidar




Acteur: Marieke Heebink, Regie: Niki Padidar             Acteur: Niels Gomperts, Regie: Niki Padidar

Authors of other 4 episodes: Georgina Verbaan, Marja Pruis, Babs Gons & Roos van Rijswijk

Actors of 4 other episodes: Georgina Verbaan, Rifka Lodeizen, Jaap Spijkers & Manoushka Zeegelaar-Breeveld