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Niki Padidar is a filmmaker. She writes in 3rd person because that’s what you’re supposed to do on websites. Her favourite colour is yellow. She loves not well-adjusted people and she has no sense of direction whatsoever.

Her debut documentary ‘Ninnoc’ won 7 international prizes, i.a. at Berlinale and IDFA. Her second documentary and first feature film 'All You See' (Dutch title 'Al wat je ziet') was the opening film of IDFA 2022 and won the award for 'best feature documentary' by the Dutch Directors Guild.

She directs, writes, comes up with new concepts and makes stories for children, youth and adults. She is specialized in youth. She hopes the viewers will be surprised or confused after seeing her stories and that that they will question their own version of reality.

And she hopes she will look less British in the future so people will stop addressing her in English 6 times a day.

Niki was born in Iran. She studied photography at the New School University in New York, did an orientation year at the Rietveld art academy and got her masters at the university of Amsterdam, specializing in ‘Youth and media’ & ‘representation in media’.